I am a Mennonite woman who grew up in eastern Pennsylvania in the late 1960′s and early 70′s. I have many unique memories of growing up as the youngest of 5 in a family that valued peace and non-resistance, large vegetable gardens, and simple living. Welcome to my past…and present.

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  1. Bev, I haven’t written for awhile, but I have read each entry. Several things keep coming through and impressing me. 1. You had (still have your mother) good parents and you seemed to have a happy time growing up–your memories from such an early age are great! 2. What is the age difference between you and Steve? I can tell you really felt the age difference between you and your siblings. As I read your writings I have tried to think of any time that I actually remember being with you when you were a small child–I loved reading your account of catching up on Linda’s dates through her journals. 3. I admire your love of writing and how well you do it. I also admire allowing your self to write some very personal things, I’m not sure I could. Blessings as you continue. Lois

  2. Hi, Bev. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. Today’s entry answered a question I had wondered about: why your family had left Ambler. Lee and I have very fond memories of our time there, but I do understand your concern in that situation when your children were small.

    • Thanks, Lisa…we are very thankful that we got to know you guys when you attended at Ambler. We have fond memories of our time there as well. We actually were in favor of him attending at Ambler despite our small children. We felt like everyone needs a seond chance ….with limitations to how much exposure he had to children, of course.

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