Voice of Hope

God’s Voice of Hope
Written Fall of 2004

In this holiday season, we of course have much to be thankful for.  But those persons that we value the most, we often neglect the most.  I have a new appreciation for my husband since he has started his battle with dermatomyositis a few years ago.  His valiant struggle to never complain, but to do all that he can with his limited strength and energy, have become an inspiration to me.  I also am very thankful for our children who bless me with their words of faith and hope.  Recently, our son, Patrick, came to us with a word from the Lord.  He had been praying about his dad’s illness and that “Dad could be healed,” and God told him that he needed to tell his dad “to have faith.” Even though I had no idea what those words would mean to Ken, I found such encouragement in God’s voice of hope, breaking through the bleakness of the week in the voice of our sixteen-year-old son.  May you also find God’s voice of hope and peace during this holiday season.–BBM

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