To My Father-in-Law

Written Spring of 2009

You slipped away so suddenly
We didn’t get a chance to say good-bye
We wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you
How much we loved your quiet and reassuring ways,
Your thoughtful analysis of current politics
Your ability to see through the issues of the church
Your anticipation and excitement on the golf course
And your listening ear and humble assurance of wisdom

You often were quiet and distant at our house when you came to visit
We didn’t always do or say things that pleased you, but we know, Dad,
Rest easy, we know—
We know that you loved and appreciated us, and wish you’d said it more.
We know that if it had been up to you, you would not have missed any of your grandchildren’s graduations.
We know that you didn’t want us to worry about money but to enjoy life,
We know that you wouldn’t want us to make a fuss over your death,
We know that you would want us to live a life of faithfulness to God by serving others.
We know that you would want us to remember your smile, your reassurance, your caring comfort, and above all, your undying love
So go and find rest with your heavenly father on the lushest, greenest golf course—you were a good and faithful servant.

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