Written July of 2003

We gathered together
not knowing this would be your last day
We sang songs heavenward
not realizing you were leaving us
But God saw fit to take you on a sultry
        Sunday morning in July
He counted the hairs on your head and
        knew in his merciful wisdom
        this was your time to go
Time to be released of a tired body that refused to receive air
Time to be released from financial responsibilities and obligations
Time to be released from earthly cares and concerns
And taken to brighter vistas
        to clearer, cleaner air that breathes easily
        to higher, more intricate mountain trails
        and to larger and more plentiful game

Good-bye, Daddy
You slipped away quietly, easily
       on a sultry day in July
but left us with your undying legacy
        your pride and determination
        your peace and nonresistance
        your boisterous laugh
        and unquenchable love of life
May your eternal life be just as richly blessed
May you enjoy your heavenly home
Well done, thou good and faithful servant

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