Poetry of Spring

Written Spring of 2004

Something about spring and poetry go together.  When I recently had a day off from work in early March, I hung out laundry, something I hadn’t done in months.  There was a welcome, but unusual smell in the air.  It was faint, but definitely, unmistakably spring.  Yet over by the line of trees there was still a lingering reminder of winter, persistently visible:  a border of snow. It was a day between winter and spring, but oh how invigorating, how awe-inspiring, how poetic.

Life seems too full of many “promises to keep,” yet hopefully we still have time to marvel at the green shoots pushing up underneath the brown, winter-laden foliage.  I hope we never cease to be amazed at the sight of the first daffodil, preceded by the first robin coming “down the walk.”  The green resurrection around us encompasses our celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  May we bear witness to this resurrection power and grace as we live and breathe the poetry of spring.

Can you name the poetry or poets briefly quoted above?  Let me know…

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