Uncle Willard by Phil Benner

Written May 2013 by my brother Phil

Uncle Willard was the first of my uncles to express love openly to his wife publicly.  I remember him calling Margarie hon or honey all the time when they spoke together. That impressed me at my age of probably 6 or 7. Marjorie and he had a special marriage I believe.

He was also a good father. Jumping into the deep water to save Wayne from drowning when he couldn’t swim proved it.

How he carried Cheryl around without complaining for all those years I’ll never forget.
He had a faith that ordered his life, making him humble when he could have been stuck on himself.  He expressed that faith in later life quite freely.  At the latest Benner reunion he had some comments about the Lord’s return that mirrored that.

Lastly he was a great hunter with more skill than probably any of his brothers and was usually quite successful. His son Dave has those same hunter instincts I believe.

May our dear Uncle rest in piece, he set a good example and gave the family a wonderful legacy.

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