Spiritual Battles

Written Winter of 2003

Life seems so hard
behind each bend lies a torn curtain of pain
hope crumbles within
disappointment, renewed defeat emerges
Where do I turn for hope?
God feels too distant, caught behind
           critical spiritual leaders
           that only see my faults
Where is God? Does he still hear my cry,
harken his ear to my heartfelt prayers?

The disappointment starts as a kernel
         just a smidgeon
As night comes, it grows and peaks
        through the undergrowth
When all is quiet the sad loss of hope
        rests and cries in anguish
It enjoys the lack of light and revels
        in its lawlessness.
It beats its occupant, causing all
        body function to long for the light
But darkness continues,
        submerging the sane.

Life seems so hard
If only I could feel his holy presence,
       clasp his princely peace,
       and retain his loving embrace
Release me from mortal priests,
Fill me with the Divine.

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