Walks Down Halteman Road

 Written July of 2003

When I was in 3rd and 4th grade, I struggled with going to school.  I seemed to worry a lot—and Mom and Daddy became concerned about me.  I normally loved school but suddenly I didn’t want to go and couldn’t eat breakfast in the mornings.  I was scared to go to school, but also too embarrassed to tell Mom and Daddy why.  Actually, I was afraid someone might get sick in school.  But Mom and Daddy didn’t know why I was acting so strangely every morning and used to discuss—what are we going to do with Bev?

Well, Daddy came up with a solution.  One day when I came home from school, Mom told me that Daddy would be taking me for a walk each night before supper.  Daddy said, “She needs more fresh air.  A good walk will help her!”

I’ll never forget those walks down Halteman Road.  Daddy got a walking stick for both of us and when he pulled a weed and put it in his mouth, I did, too.  Daddy saw every pheasant, bird, squirrel, and rabbit and he pointed them out to me, but always teaching me about nature’s patterns.  We often discussed the various cloud formations in the sky, admiring the sunset, and predicting the next day’s weather.  Daddy had a love of nature and saw the beauty all around him.  He taught me to really see the world in minute detail and take none of it for granted.

That’s why it seemed fitting to read Psalm 19 today since Daddy saw the beauty of God all around him.  In his last few days, he referred to heaven quite a bit and was looking forward to seeing how the skies proclaim the work of God’s hands.

This was the introduction to the scripture, Psalm 19, at my dad’s memorial service, July 31, 2003.

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