To My Eldest Sister

Written Summer of 2003

You used to be my pretend mother,
dressed in a white, folded hat and uniform
I wanted a younger mom and so I enjoyed
your visits from college

Later, when we visited you in the beautiful Rockies
and you dressed in jeans and patchouli,
I longed to be independent and self-assured
         as my eldest sister

But really I didn’t know you
until the day you doubled my age
On that day, we first took time to
get to know each other

Sure, you still call me “Bevie” at times
and laugh at my youthful foolishness.
But more than anyone else,
you hurt with us in our recent misfortune
You bridged the gap of 15 years and 3, 000 miles to stay with us
to comfort us at a low point
You tried in vain to make it disappear
         and I loved you for it

You still grace a room with your presence
        filling it with your scent and your
        beaming smile
Thankfully, you are my eldest sister.

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